Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog 7: Boys.

So a lot of people think 'omg boys are such jerks' but in reality, they're victims as well. Not every guy is bad or a jerk at all, there are some really nice guys out there. So here's some advice about guys-
Guys don't like it when they have their feelings played with either. They are human beings and they do have feelings, so try not to hurt them. Why hurt them if you don't like to be hurt? 
Guys like to have a good sense of humor. If you guys can joke around with each other, then the guy will most likely talk to you more and more. 
Some guys are more sensitive than others and that is perfectly okay. Like I said, guys have feelings and some just like to show it more than others. 
They make great best friends. Girls can be a little catty at times but guys are a lot chiller and will let them talk to you about what's wrong. 
I'll make some blogs later on how girls show they like you and how guys show they like you.(:

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