Friday, December 28, 2012

Blog 12: Heartbreak.

So everyone in their life will experience heartbreak. And a lot of people don't know how to cope with it. Well here's some advice on how to get over it and how to cope with it. First, do not sit at home and do nothing. The best thing to do is go out with your friends or family and just have a good time. Go bowling or do something fun. It will make you forget it. But now you're probably wondering 'well what happens when I get home and I'm alone?' well, have no fear. Try writing your feelings out in either a dairy or a separate sheet of paper. It will make you feel better. Second, if you don't want to go out, it's completely understandable. So have your friends come over and have a huge movie night with you. Eat lots of junk food and talk about different things. Your friends will know what's up and how you feel and they'll be more than happy to help you. But now you're probably like 'well what if I don't anyone to come over?' well your friends aren't going to let you be unhappy. They like seeing you happy. So even if you don't want them to see you, they will anyways. Thirdly, vent your feelings to someone. There are SO many people out there that are willing to help others-it's they're profession. Even if you don't think you need help, it always helps to vent how you feel because everyone knows the feeling. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blog 11: First Impression.

Everyone meets new people on a daily basis or sometime in their life. Well, you know that very first meeting you both have? That's the first impression. So here's some advice on how to make a good impression:
If you're going for a job interview, look professional. Make sure your hair is neat, you don't need to shave, your teeth are brushed and you smell good. Also, speak good English. Don't use slang words and complete your sentences. Also, don't be nervous because then you'll stutter your words. Make sure you practice certain things in your head so that way if you do become nervous you know what to say. 
If you're going out on a date with a person you just met and you want to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, don't be obnoxious. If you're a girl, be polite and don't dress horribly. Look nice and clean and make sure you look presentable. If you're a boy, offer to pay for things and don't burp or fart. She'll think you're disgusting. That applies for girls, too. Also, don't eat obnoxiously either. Take your time and talk to them. Let them know you really want to be there and that you aren't obnoxious or disgusting. Also, if you're a boy, don't sag your pants or wear your favorite band shirt. Make sure you look clean. 
If you're meeting parents for the first time, always introduce yourself. Always shake the parents hand and state your name. Also, be truthful and honest with your answers. Parents will ask you certain things and the best thing is to be honest and upfront. Also, compliment them. Parents like compliments just as much as kids and teenagers do. Just be yourself and everything should go fine. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Blog 10: Crushes & liking someone.

A lot people are at the age where they have a crush on someone or like someone. So here's some advice on how to handle it. Firstly, don't run up to them and be obnoxious. Guys/girls don't like it when people are obnoxious. It's a first impression and when people say first impression means everything-it does. I'll make another blog about that at another time. But don't go straight up to the person and say 'YOU. ME. DINNER.' it may work in movies but it doesn't work in real life. Secondly, don't have your friends talk to that person for you. That will make you look shy and that you are nervous to be around them. So then they will think 'well if we go out he/she will always be nervous and that's awkward.' That wouldn't be good. Thirdly, don't push the person to like you. Constantly bringing it up and constantly talking about things along the line can make the other person less interested. Let things come naturally and whatever happens, happens. You will go through a lot of people not liking you back and it'll hurt, but there will always be someone better. Lastly, BE YOURSELF. I have mentioned this so many times in my blog but it's because it's true. People like the real you and not a fake person. Because if you lie about things, that will make the person think you're a liar and lied about everything. 

Blog 9: Christmas.

Sorry I haven't been posting guys! I've been busy with school work and I just haven't been able to blog. But it's Christmas time and I know a lot of people have lost loved ones around this time in the past few weeks or years. But everyone just keep your heads held high and keep all your loved ones in your heart. It's going to be tough but everything will be okay in the end. My uncle said today that the holidays bring joy-but also sadness. So keep yourself surrounded by friends and family to keep your mind off of a few things or just be around them to vent. Your family is always there for you no matter what and they know what you are going through so they always want to help you no matter what. Eat lots of holiday treats this week and spend lots of time with everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Also, my thoughts and prayers are still out to the victims of the Newtown shooting. God bless the families of the victims and all of their friends. Rest in peace you beautiful angels. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.(: Enjoy yourselves!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blog 8: Dating.

Dating can be a lot of fun but also nerve wrecking- especially the first date. So if you go on your first date and you're nervous, here are some helpful tips. Don't be shy. If you're really quiet, the other person may think you're not having fun or you're not interested at all. Be yourself. Being yourself will let the other person know who you are and you are confident with yourself. Don't text too much or not at all. This could also be another sign that you're not having fun or not interested. Don't be rude or disgusting. Don't talk about things that may be disgusting to others and don't try to make a joke about the person. They might take it seriously and it will ruin the whole night. Make sure you include the other person in on things. Always make sure you ask them what they want or what they want to do. This will show that you're considerate and it's about them too. And lastly, for the goodnight kiss. If you think that it went well and the other person thinks it went well, give them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. You don't want to rush things and make the other person feel uncomfortable. 

Blog 7: Boys.

So a lot of people think 'omg boys are such jerks' but in reality, they're victims as well. Not every guy is bad or a jerk at all, there are some really nice guys out there. So here's some advice about guys-
Guys don't like it when they have their feelings played with either. They are human beings and they do have feelings, so try not to hurt them. Why hurt them if you don't like to be hurt? 
Guys like to have a good sense of humor. If you guys can joke around with each other, then the guy will most likely talk to you more and more. 
Some guys are more sensitive than others and that is perfectly okay. Like I said, guys have feelings and some just like to show it more than others. 
They make great best friends. Girls can be a little catty at times but guys are a lot chiller and will let them talk to you about what's wrong. 
I'll make some blogs later on how girls show they like you and how guys show they like you.(:

Blog 6: Girls.

Girls are probably the hardest people to understand. They will love you one minute and then hate you the next. We can't help that, honest. So, here are some things about girls-
If a girl says she's cold, give her your jacket. They like to have your scent on them because it's comforting to them and makes them feel safe. 
If a girl wants to talk about her feelings, let her. She will trust you more and will feel more comfortable with you. 
Don't rush a relationship with a girl. Girls like to make sure they like you or trust you so that way your relationship can go well. 
Don't rush anything with a girl. Girls like to take their time and if they're going out on a date, they like to make sure they look good and that they are the prettiest girl out there. 
Finally, if a girl says she loves you, she means it. Girls go through a lot(not saying boys don't) but girls have to deal with boys being jerks and giving birth and a whole bunch of stuff. So if she says she loves you, she means it with all of her heart. Oh, and don't play with a girls feelings. Ever. These are just a few major things about girls but the list can go on and on haha. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog 5: New kids.

So in my schools years I have encountered new kids that come to my school in the middle of the year. I have never been a new kid before but I have talked to them and here's some advice. If you're a new kid, try to let people talk to you. Odds are they are going to be curious as to where you are from and they'll try to start a conversation with you. If they don't talk to you, you try talking to other people. Ask them if they understand what's going on or ask them for something like a pencil or something. If they're rude to you, be rude back-but not too rude. Like if they make a joke about where you're from, make a joke about them back to show that you aren't afraid of them and the rest of the class will think you're cool. Lastly, try to find an out going person. Odds are they will talk to and try to make you feel welcomed. Or try to find a shy person as well. They too can also be new or they don't like speaking a lot so try to start a conversation with them so you two don't feel as shy. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog 4: Bullying.

Okay so this topic is a really serious one because so many people are going through it as of this moment. Bullying is awful; hands down awful. Why would you ever want to make someone feel so poorly of themselves? To make you look cooler? Well here's a news flash- it doesn't make you look cooler at all. Why would you make fun of someone that is different from you? You have your weird/dorky side, too. Why would you want to make fun of someone that is smarter than you? Because you don't apply yourself so you get attention? Stupid. If you're going through bullying, show them you aren't afraid of them and that they don't hurt you. Yeah some things may hurt but show them you're better than them. They are honestly just doing it for attention so why give it to them? Let others laugh because you know that you have friends that like you for you and aren't ashamed of being friends with you. Or confront them. It may take a while to build up that confidence but once you stand up to them, you'll feel much better. If they're mean to you then too, just ignore it. You stood up for yourself and you took a stand. Don't let others control your life. Don't let bullies get you down because you have so much to experience. Odds are they arent going to be super cool in the future. And if things get out of hand, go to a teacher or an adult. They are always willing to help no matter what. You can talk to them about what's bothering you and they can confront the bully for you. That doesn't show you're weak at all, trust me. Keep your heads held high because life's a climb, but the view is great. 

Blog 3: Weirdness & Yourself.

You probably think you're real weird and strange, right? And then you think this is why no one likes me. I'm an outcast. Ummm..HELLO! Being weird is probably the most awesome thing ever. Thats what makes! Don't ever be afraid to be your weird self. It makes you unique and it makes you who you are. It separates you from others and makes you stand out. What if you don't want to stand out? Everyone does in their own ways. Everyone is weird. People just show it more than others and that's perfectly normal. I'm weird, and I'm happy with myself so why not be happy with yourself? Just think of this quote from Alice in Wonderland whenever you think you're too weird:
Hatter: Have I gone mad?
Alice: I'm afraid so. Bonkers even. But here's a secret: ALL THE BEST PEOPLE ARE. 

Blog 2: Friends.

Okay so my second blog is going to be advice about friends because everyone goes through loosing friends at some point in their life. This subject will probably be talked about a lot with me because it seems that a lot of people are going through that right now. In elementary school you have tons of friends that you talk to and hang out with at the playground and you rush to sit with at lunch. But once you get to middle school, things begin to change a little bit. You seem to drift away from your best friends, but you find new people to talk to. And then once you get to high school, EVERYTHING changes. It's kind of like, you have your different types of groups: you have people that you talk to in class, people that are just friends, people that are aquatintces and then your best friends. But you seem to have less best friends than you did last year. But listen, IT'S OKAY! Really! It's nothing you did wrong at all! They just found people that have more in common with them and you guys just drift away because you don't see each other often. Don't freak out if your best friend isn't talking to you; they just are expanding their choices. You'll find people that are just like you. 

Blog 1: Introduction.

Hey everyone! So my name is Carolyn and basically I'm creating a blog for the first time because of a few reasons. I've been through it all; the backstabbing friends, the friends that don't talk to me, heartbreak, etc., and I really want to tell people they aren't alone at all. I always let people vent to me about what's bothering them or what they are going through and I always give them advice. So I wanted to expand my advice and help others. I'm going to give advice about high school, friends, family and anything that I'm going through. I heard a quote once and it was no matter what, there is always someone going through the same thing that you are so you are never alone. You may feel like it at times but you never are. I know there are a lot of people out there that feel lonely and feel like they are worthless but in all honesty, you aren't worthless and you aren't lonely. So I will try to post every day but if I don't it will be every other day.