Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog 13: New Year's.

Firstly, happy new years everyone! This is a few days afterwards but it still counts. So today I would like to talk about resolutions and how to keep up with them. These are just a few resolutions that have been mentioned by others:
If you really want to loose weight this year, here's some advice on how to stick with it. Motivation is one major thing that can impact you to loose weight. There are multiple ways to motivate yourself, you just have to find one that suits you best. Like, if you're a adult, either have your kids motivate you or have your husband/wife do it with you. You'll motivate each other to keep one going. If you already have your motivation, have a schedule. If you want to exercise, create a schedule that can work best for you-but don't over work it. Exercise maybe 3 times a week or if you feel up to it, do it four times. If you want to eat healthy, sign up for a healthy website that gives you a list of healthy foods, or just orders cookbook. 
If you want really good grades this year, here's some advice on how to get them. Do your homework; it boosts your grade and it helps you understand the section better. Asking for extra help; it doesn't make you look stupid or anything, a lot of kids ask for extra help and it comes in handy for tests and quizzes. When midterms, tests, etc. come around, create a schedule for studying so you can dedicate that time for studying. It will help and you can think of fun ways to study. 
Those are just two of the resolutions that I've heard multiple times.